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WOT user survey completed – Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our user survey! The survey ran for one week and has ended today. We are overwhelmed with the amount and quality of the feedback. Your responses help us improve WOT and serve our expanding user community.

We promised to hand out one iPod nano each week the survey runs. As the number of responses during the first week took us completely by surprise, we have decided to end the survey sooner than anticipated and instead give out 3 iPods as our thanks to the community! The winners will be notified by September 4th.

It was a pleasure to notice that the great majority of respondents found our service useful. We also got a good picture of what additional functionality you would like to see in the program. One specific feature is worth highlighting: we will let users provide text comments about websites as many of you suggested. There is significant amount of development work under way, and you can expect new releases of the product during the rest of the year. The outcome of the survey will guide us as we develop WOT further.

Thank you again for your participation!

UPDATE: iPods went to users in Austria, Finland, and the United States. Winners have been notified by email. Also, we upgraded to the new 8GB models Apple just released. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

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