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Current news about WOT, the world's leading community-based, free safe surfing tool.

Introducing WOT 3.0

Dear Community

We’re excited to announce WOT 3.0, the all new version of our popular browser extension. We worked hard on improving the UI and fixing bugs. Thanks to our improvements you can now enjoy a much clearer division to “Trustworthiness” and “Child Safety” and a more readable interface. In addition, we are introducing a much flatter and cleaner design that follows our new design direction.

As this is the first major update we made to WOT add­­on in a while, we wanted to make sure it goes smoothly. Therefore, we planned a gradual roll­out starting with a small percentage of Chrome users. After we work our way through Chrome (and Chromiums), we will release the Firefox and Safari versions which are in development.

You can download it from here now.

Thank you all for the support and staying with us during quiet times as well. Exciting times are coming and we are planning more product updates.

The WOT Team.

A New Home

As part of the exciting changes ahead of us, we’re very happy to announce our new homepage! The style you see represents our new direction. We believe this change will benefit existing users and new users by improving the experience on our site.

We will gradually update the rest of the site to follow this direction and wanted to share the news with you.

Please help us in our efforts to spread the word about our new homepage and grow the WOT community even further.

Full of New Energy

Dear WOT community,

First of all, we would like to apologize for being so quiet for a while. Thank you all for your support and commitment. We appreciate your loyalty and dedication, it helped us survive tough times. You are a true inspiration for us and we always admire your dedication towards making the internet a safer place.

You may have noticed some recent hiccups in our service such as the “email bug” or difficulties with loading the site. We know that it might have been annoying and we are very sorry for the inconvenience, but there is no reason to be alarmed. It’s actually a result of an exciting update:

After internal discussions and reorganizations, we decided to be more active in our role and make improvements to the service.
This means that we intend to fix and improve WOT as well as add more features and products in the future.

Part of this process involves tinkering with the code, which hasn’t been done in a while. This may result in some temporary issues. We’re doing our best to solve them as soon as they occur, so bare with us as you have until now. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

WOT Awards of 2013

We are happy to announce the winners of WOT awards 2013!

The Winner of Most Active award

The Winner of Problem Solver award

The Winner of Techie award

In addition to above we are glad to present winners of the Annual WOT Member Awards. They are the most precious awards, as their winners were nominated by the WOT community. This year we decided to honor four of the nominated members which are:

The Winner of Member the year        
Super Hero

We would like also to reward two active members of Russian forum, which are:
sane cat and Dionis77


We were very glad to see that in your nominations you mentioned also members which you might not always agree with, but you respect them for their knowledge, passion and engagement in WOT. This shows us that WOT community can be truly objective and respect the common values! Thank you everyone for participating in our annual award competition!

The winners as well the selected lucky members, who participated in our competition, will be informed on their WOT user board about the details regarding mailing the award.

Changes in displaying your site reviews

To increase the transparency of users’ reviews, we decided to add a new feature - indicator of the rating range in the comment field. Once the user rates a site and leaves a comment a little bar will be displayed informing in what score range the site was rated. The exact reputation score will remain private for the user only.

By adding this small modification we will make the scorecards more understandable for people who are not so familiar with WOT, as well for site owners. This will also eliminate confusion that could be observed now for comments with neutral categories.

However, we understand if you value the privacy of any ratings you input to WOT. For that reason we give every user an option to opt-out from this change and let their comment be without any rating indicator. If you wish to opt out, please go to your settings page and modify the “thick” next to “Do not allow others to see my ratings”.

The rating indicators will start be visible within two weeks, but you can opt out at any point now or in the future.