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WOT for Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 8Internet Explorer is the world's most popular browser

with an estimated usage of about 67%. Many IE users are still reportedly using version 6 released back in 2002. If that describes you, it's time for you to consider an upgrade.

While in beta testing for the past ten months, Internet Explorer 8 received glowing reviews for it's new features, security enhancements and improved performance. Critics point out that it still lacks Firefox's vast extension lists, but we are pleased to tell all you IE lovers that WOT is available for IE8.

Visit IE's add-on gallery and you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection of add-ons and toolbars available for IE8. WOT is showcased on the toolbars page.

Since this is a vast improvement for the majority of browser users, we support Microsoft by giving their add-ons site a positive rating. If you agree and would like to voice your support, please rate their site on the IE add-ons scorecard.

Microsoft has released IE8 "Release Candidate 1" which is the final version for testing. The completed version is scheduled to be available the week of March 16, 2009, so make plans now to upgrade and remember to add WOT! Current users of Windows Vista and Windows XP will be able to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.


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    • cotojo on Mon 09 Mar 2009
    • 04:30:42 PM UTC


    For users who have Release Candidate 1 or IE8 Beta, when the updates are pushed out they will automatically have IE8 installed.
    For users of IE7 it will be an optional installation and I previously advised users to wait until such time as they had ironed out the glitches .
    Another useful addition is IE7Pro which I have been testing and will blog about later this week hopefully. It has many features that will give IE users greater protection that will be comparable to Firefox and WOT installs and runs on it with no problems.
    When all is said and done, no browser is 100% secure and the majority do use Internet Explorer, and if that is what they are comfortable using then any additions to make it safer are beneficial.


  2. User picture
    • Jared Gray on Tue 10 Mar 2009
    • 05:37:46 AM UTC

    WOT works for me IE8 Build 8.0.7000.0

    Seems to be working fine for me within windows 7 and ie8 beta..

    Jared Gray

  3. User picture
    • oregonnerd on Tue 10 Mar 2009
    • 09:57:40 PM UTC

    categories on WOT

    There should be an "UNK" or "unknown" for webbers like me, so that we don't feel we're making assertions about a site when we have no way of determining anything but one or two qualities. Often I don't know about vendor reliability, privacy, or child-related issues. As is, I generally will put a "good" on sites with the rather dangerous assumption that what isn't known as bad is good, whereas the whole project of phishing and similar cybercrimes rests on exactly such assumptions.

    However. WOT and Haute Secure are excellent layered tools.

    • User picture
      • Sami on Tue 10 Mar 2009
      • 10:30:35 PM UTC

      Re: categories on WOT

      You don't have to give a rating for all components. For example, if you don't know about vendor reliability, you can simply skip that rating component.

  4. User picture
    • Frank J on Wed 11 Mar 2009
    • 05:50:27 PM UTC

    Kudos! WTG! WOT is now

    Kudos! WTG! WOT is now available to everyone!!!

    IE/Firefox and coming to a browser near you!

    Frank J

  5. User picture
    • Athlonite on Thu 12 Mar 2009
    • 09:51:02 AM UTC

    IE8 RC1

    I have been testing (on and off) IE 8 Beta 2 and now IE8 RC1. The beta and WOT was fine. IE8 RC1 and WOT not so great. I get crashes and when I verify the component crashing IE8 RC1 , I see that the WOT plug in is at fault. It might be because IE8 RC1 is still not up to par but , I can attest to the fact that it does crash the browser . Although , it doesn't happen very often, it still does. I just hope that this can be rectified by the time the full release comes to everyone using IE8.

    Like I said , I only use IE8 for testing purposes, my browser of choice is FF in a Sandbox configuration. No, I do not test IE8 RC1 in a Sandbox so, there is no evidence that the sandbox could be the culprit. It could just be a incompatibility with the plug-in in Vista.

    Anyone else has experienced the same thing ?


    Your help is always needed.

    • User picture
      • Sami on Thu 12 Mar 2009
      • 12:23:00 PM UTC

      Re: IE8 RC1

      Are you using the latest version? If you are, please send a problem report.

      Edit: There are some issues with IE 8 RC1, but we'll release a fix before Monday.

      Edit 2: Please let us know if you still see the problem with version 20090302.

      • User picture
        • Athlonite on Sun 15 Mar 2009
        • 07:36:44 PM UTC

        New release!

        Hey Sami !

        I have downloaded and installed the new release of WOT and played with IE8 RC1 all of yesterday. so far , no crashes. If I do get anything new I will submit a report , Never thought of doing so , playing with betas will have it's disadvantages.


        Your help is always needed.

  6. User picture
    • Spacequad on Sun 15 Mar 2009
    • 01:18:56 AM UTC

    IE6 upgradable? Not likely.

    I wish I could upgrade to the latest IE, but its not possible unless I upgrade the OS. I'm not willing to goto XP or Vista, because of the inherent flaws and bloat code they have. So until M$ comes out with an OS that does NOT have the browser attached, I'll stick with what I have and run Firefox. If they don't, then, I'll have to convert the rest of my network over to NIX or run Macs.

    • User picture
      • The Big Bin on Sun 15 Mar 2009
      • 09:45:00 AM UTC

      What OS are you using?

      What OS are you using? Win98SE? That would be great news, since I like that one best of all!

    • User picture
      • Athlonite on Sun 15 Mar 2009
      • 07:31:27 PM UTC

      Your Wish !!

      Hey Spacesquad !!

      Well , your wish might just have come true ! I have just read a post on PCW about the new Windows 7 build 7057 and if it's true then you'll be able to get rid of some component that comes with W7 including IE8 . Here have a look :

      http://forums.pcworld.com/message/197436#197436 . It's post 16.

      I have been testing W7 in a VMWare and to tell you the truth , it's allot faster than my Vista and lighter. So, if this is any indication , MS MIGHT just have listened this time around.


      Your help is always needed.

  7. User picture
    • ub00t on Sat 12 Feb 2011
    • 08:00:28 PM UTC

    still leading - but descending

    The number of IE6/7/8 and future MS-Browsers will definitfly descend as more informations are available, as more peolple know about WWW and different Browsers and/or OperatingSystems (OS)


    the most fatal Error: me (according to my mom!)

  8. User picture
    • champagnecastle on Thu 19 Mar 2009
    • 04:21:39 PM UTC

    IE ?

    I don't think so. Firefox is by far the leading browser with many more features.
    I'm hardly a Microsoft hater, or the like, it's just that they seem to have a difficult time
    getting things right. I'm using Win XP right now, no way I'm going to Vista. I also have
    OpenBSD and Debian Linux on this PC.
    Where did you get your statistical information ? I really question that.

    • User picture
      • Sami on Thu 19 Mar 2009
      • 05:22:47 PM UTC

      Re: IE ?

      You question that IE is still the most popular browser?

      • User picture
        • The Big Bin on Fri 20 Mar 2009
        • 03:36:42 AM UTC


        If I can just say sth here, I wouldn't say "Most popular", I'd rather say "Most used", because many people just use it because it is part of Windows, and they never actually made a decision for any browser.

        • User picture
          • Toptiger5 on Sun 22 Mar 2009
          • 05:03:12 PM UTC


          The only time I ever use IE is at school- we're not allowed applications of any kind, other than IE and MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and Paint. So, no portable apps, not even the Calculator, and USB drives not allowed.

          Pretty normal for an international school where all students are expected to be able to SKI.

        • User picture
          • ub00t on Sat 12 Feb 2011
          • 07:59:06 PM UTC

          RE: fully agree in my broken english

          We now have 2011, a fantastic 2010 for Apple, all my friends use Mozilla products. So things are changing. Lets talk again in a year.

          the most fatal Error: me (according to my mom!)

  9. User picture
    • EliteWeb on Fri 20 Mar 2009
    • 06:58:27 PM UTC


    I absolutely hate internet

    But still

    This has got me about 10% Satisfaction/

  10. User picture
    • jenniferchocolat on Sat 21 Mar 2009
    • 06:41:51 PM UTC

    Not to be a negative nelly..

    But I really am surprised that so many people are still using IE.

  11. User picture
    • champagnecastle on Tue 24 Mar 2009
    • 02:46:20 PM UTC

    Follow Up...

    Thanks for the comments. It's just that it seems everyone I know uses Firefox, but many of them also use Linux too.
    IE may be the most used because it does come "with the package" so to speak, and I don't think many people are going to dispute the fact the some type of Microsoft OS is installed on, what is it, 90% or more, of the desktops around the world.

    • User picture
      • cotojo on Tue 24 Mar 2009
      • 05:36:57 PM UTC


      I know from my own stats that over 60% of my readers use Internet Explorer, largely due to the 'fear' of changing to another browser.
      IE comes preinstalled, so many stick with it and its inherent flaws, but it can be made safer using the IE7Pro addon.
      IE8 now out, so for those who use it, it's a case of wait for the patches to secure it :D
      All we can do is help other users and assist them in switching to safer browsers, although none are 100% secure.
      Even my daughter took a little persuading but buy the time I had set it up with the plugins and addons she now uses FF too.


  12. User picture
    • bilijoe on Wed 25 Mar 2009
    • 12:30:15 AM UTC

    IE version whatever

    What's the use? When FireFox is already available, has been stable for a long time, and, despite a slightly smaller market share is considered by most who have used it to be significantly better than IE (and I'm not really sure what a "market share" is, when you are talking about a free program--nor am I sure how you can possibly pretend to have accurate user statistics for a free program that does not require registration).

    So what if IE is "catching up" with regard to the number of plug-ins, extensons, etc., it's still playing catch up. I really do not understand this blind allegiance to MS products. I'll be the first to admit, there are areas in which MS shines, where they are the best--most notably, software development tools--nobody else is even close (of course, that has to be considered in light of the fact that their tools primarily support development for the MS Window$ environment).

    Being a die-hard Ubuntu-Linux fan, I hate to say it, but my vote for the best Office suite still goes to MS. I would LOVE to switch to Open Office, but it's just not quite there yet. (Though, just to show what support I can, when the differences are not significant, I do use Open Office--most of the time though, I still stick with MS Office--I use Office 2000.)

    Anyway, I continue to be amazed by the tenacity of the MS Window$ hangers-on. What on Earth are they hanging on to? I'll exclude the Gaming crowd from this category--it is perfectly clear what they are hanging on to--and it's perfectly legitimate. Until the Major Game developers see the light and make the jump to Linux, Gamers will be stuck with whatever Microsoft throws out there for an OS.

    Game developers should spend some time investigating the significant similarities between the newest Mac OSs, and Linux (and the significant advantages these OSs offer developers). Seems as if they should be able to develop games for the Mac and Linux crowds simultaneously, using the same source code. A few conditional compile statements might be needed (which would result in different end-user versions), or, better, run-time detection and accommodation of the differences that require separate handling. After all, isn't cross-platform program development one of the things 'object orientation' was supposedly developed for? (Actually, it wasn't developed, it evolved, and would have done so soon enough, with or without intervention.)

    Anyway, I diverge. IE users, get over it. IE never was anything special, and it has been a fertile playground for those who would exploit weaknesses in Programs and OSs, in order to disrupt, or otherwise hack (i.e., vandalise) others' computers. (Why don't these guys just go out and get real jobs? Think where the state of the art in programming could be if these geniuses {and that is what most of them are--misguided, perhaps, but geniuses nonetheless} would exercise their significant skills for the greater good {and a healthy pay check}, instead of showing off their skill and talent in destructive ways. Hell, write the year's best virus or hack and you are famous among a relatively small number of your peers (and some Law Enforcement types). Write the year's best game or productivity suite, and, if you have a decent business manager who sees to it that your name is connected with the product, you might end up on the cover of some magazine, or get interviewed on Nation Wide TV.

    Sorry for diverging, again (I have ADD and tend to do that).

    So, IE users, go to mozilla.com, download FireFox for your OS. Install it, and have a ball with the seemingly endless list of plug-ins, extensions, and themes (some of them are amazingly cool) available. And forget all about IE.

    (And while you are at it, go to ubuntu.com and download the next-to-latest version of Ubuntu for your computer's architecture {AMD64x, or everything else}. Follow ALL the error checking routines, especially the checking and verification of the MD5SUM for the downloaded .iso file, and the on-disk 'Check This Disk For Errors' routine, and make yourself a Linux Test Drive {and install} disk. You can use this disk to run a full-featured Ubuntu-Linux session, without making any changes to your current set up {no install necessary}. This lets you check it out for yourself, so you aren't relying an all the outdated criticism still running rampant out there in user space, without making any commitment. Just remember, when you are runing this kind of test drive, things will be s l o w, because you will be running from a CD, instead of from a hard drive--other than that, you get a full-blown version to test ride. If you like it, use the same disk and install it. Don't worry about the 200 or so updates it will want to install as soon as you start the installed copy. Install all of them. It only takes a few minutes {not hours like some other OS initial updates}, and you should only have to restart once, when all the updates have installed themselves. And, don't forget, it's ALL FREE. By using Linux, you can save enough on the cost of the OS to pay for a new computer {go check the OTC price on VISTA}. Anyway, TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT! {Was this a threadjack? Sorry if it was, I'm just an enthusiastic user who wants to make sure that everybody knows just how easy it is to have the best.} Oh, I can't forget tech support. The Ubuntu Community Forums constitute the best, most effective, usable, 24/7/365, technical support I have ever encountered. The Ubuntu name is an African word {as I understand it} that has multiple meanings, all {or most} of which have to do with community, mutual support, cooperation, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts, etc., and this meaning is clearly reflected in the genuine community that has evolved as an integral part of the Ubuntu experience. {I say 'experience' because, for me, switching to Ubuntu was at least as much of a social experience as it was a change in Operating Systems. This part, the social part, has been such a positive experience, I'd have switched even if Linux wasn't so much better of an Operating System. But it is! So you REALLY get some BANG for your Buck. A better OS, a community of friends who will help you through even the gnarliest of problems, and NO BUCK--just BANG--for FREE. I'd better shut up. by now, this has become a thread-jack. Again, sorry. I couldn't help myself.})

    Bili Joe
    Across The Universe, to Here.
    What a trip.