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Use the WOT Safe Search engine for safer, smarter searches


When looking for a Florida vacation home to rent this winter, how about making your searches smarter and safer?  It's possible with the WOT Safe Search engine.

WOT Safe Search

The WOT Safe Search engine uses Surf Canyon's real-time search personalization technology to interpret your search and find relevant information in the results; even digging through pages buried deeply in the results. Put another way, Surf Canyon figures out what you want and then goes past the first page of the results and fetches it for you. And because WOT is directly integrated into the results, you see only those sites that have excellent and good reputations from the WOT community.

Add the WOT Safe Search engine to your Firefox search engine drop down menu for safe and smart searches every time.

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  1. User picture
    • Vitorio Bugulin on Sat 28 Aug 2010
    • 03:08:24 PM UTC


    Quero parabenizar a equipe que desenvolvel o Wot,é uma exelente ferramenta de segurança para proteção de meu computador.

  2. User picture
    • Anonymous on Wed 01 Sep 2010
    • 04:29:41 AM UTC

    "Use the WOT Safe Search engine for safer, smarter searches"

    With WOT the life became easier, and the review of the Internet is more safe, it apparently! The safe search engine it's a good idea, I shall try to test it in practice. (Earlier I did not use her)

  3. Особая благодарность разработчикам системы WOT, которая предупреждает пользователя в онлайн режиме по работе с сайтами и заставит задуматься прежде чем принять решение ....