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Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating system, and the revolutionary iPhone and iPad.

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aquawhite07Wed Jan 14 1970
Apple is a wonderful site simply to browse on and to shop for your next technology needs. It has wonderful products and you get them almost straight away. You can be sure that you will never be scammed by Apple.
Very nice, I love their stuff, 'specially their iPods. They rock.
An Ok Browser but Apple Itunes trys to take over
Engaging in malware practises to distribute Apple products. The Apple Software Updater for Windows previously would not let you install an update for a single product without forcing you to install Safari, iTunes and Quicktime. This was heavily criticism by users, malware experts and bloggers. Most notably the Firefox CEO.
Quicktime installer has unauthenticated content while downloading.
iTunes and Safari are very annoying, trying to install evrytime qe update QuickTime. ======================================== iTune et Safari tente de s'installer chaque fois qu'on tente de mettre à jour Quicktime. Sur ce plan, Apple ressemble à une "binerie".
ronaldinhoThu Jan 15 1970
Apple is cool but its practices over the iphone don't impress
MacintrashThu Jan 15 1970
$4999 for a high end mac? I can build one thats better for $1500 and just INSTALL OSX ON IT! :O
Almost impossible to easily move songs to new computer. No support for Linux, have to remove apple's archaic copy protection. Foists the unstable, crappy web broser on your computer. Can "break" your CD Rom drivers, generally unstable software. Modifies way too much of a windows system, causing general slow-downs
webman1200Thu Jan 15 1970
I had a Mac, and only got 2 years out of it! It cost at least 2 grand. First the hard drive, then 6 months later the motherboard! No customer support at all. I got the hard drive repaired at the local computer store, but when the motherboard went bad, I put it away, then sold the piece of junk on eBay! While the Mac lasted only 2 years, my Windows PC has lasted years! I know several people whose Macs are breaking down constantly. In addition, they have very bad to nonexistent customer support.

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