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Contains numerous articles filled with hate speech.
Just spreading hate ....
Data is false
Total joke, "trustworthy"? Too many lies and half-truths,
BlackChocoboThu Jan 15 1970
False information, defamatory content, misleading articles, unverifiable rubbish presented as facts. Steer clear, people. Make sure your kids never come near this site.
An incredibly biased view on things here. All homosexuals/witches/anyone having a religion that isn't Christianity is automatically evil, according to this site.
A site so hopelessly biased that I can't think of any meaningful use for it. I only have it bookmarked because it's frequently so bad it's funny.
yamsaredeliciousThu Jan 15 1970
rrffvvggbbThu Jan 15 1970
Been going to this site for years, no problems. Some people are just intolerant.
This site is so funny on one hand, scary on the other. so many articles are just full of false information or leads so much out. Read the article on the moon for a good example. Kids shouldn't be allowed to access this site, don't want to screw them up

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