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Pass the Hash toolkit, Winexe and other tools have been added to the Kali Linux repositories.

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VirtualVaultFri Jan 16 1970
Owned by the developers of BackTrack. Kali is the latest and arguably the most advanced penetration testing tool yet.
wtfsamcrapSat Jan 17 1970
Great hacking distro!! however it dose not work out of the box. Also kids should not use this unless they know how a computer works, the installation can ruin your comp if you put it on a used partion. It made me have to use hackintosh till i got windows. Not being in a inf. Grub boot loop.
chetan1991Sat Jan 17 1970
its one of the flavor of linux. most of hackers use this OS.
Отличный сайт! Отличная ОС ! Рекомендую! 555+++
Constantine_ISat Jan 17 1970
Kali Linux is a Free Software operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. Kali is specifically tailored to meet the needs of penetration testers (see for a definition). As such, it contains all sorts of tools that are not suitable for children. Other than that, Kali's website is perfectly safe to visit. #FreeWare #linux #opensource
flightisfun2001Sun Jan 18 1970
This site is perfectly safe; it is the site for Kali Linux, which comes with more than 300 preinstalled hacking tools (see Kali Linux on Wikipedia) however, children (or anyone) may abuse those powers and do some damage. Probably best with supervision.

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