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Angel RoseFri Jan 16 1970
They lied to my husband about how much it would cost to cancel his contract. They said they'd take the payment via Direct Debit, but they didn't, and then they threatened him with legal action. They also claimed to have sent me a SIM card I'd asked for, but they hadn't. And they don't always send me a code to get a Surprise. I'm switching to Vodafone.
Cordelia1986Fri Jan 16 1970
not a good customer experience - so confusing. not any direct way to contact specific branches, just one phone number and 'forum' option. the service is good but when it goes wrong it's a pain to contact the customer service team. I have recently had trouble with a 'home move' through O2. I cannot even list the amount of problems I have encountered due to the uselessness of their customer service and general service teams. I have had around fifty phone calls, and each agent tells me a different thing. talking to them has driven me to tears on a few occasions. after TWO MONTHS with no landline/internet I have ordered a new line through BT, no trouble at all. good riddance O2. never ever ever ever EVER again.
Graham SmithThu Jan 15 1970
excellent site
Does what it says on the tin. Can be a bit slow at time though.
easy to move thru site
I like it, :)
Highly trusted site, having ordered goods using this service. Customer service was excellent, friendly & also demonstrated protective measures on card details due to recent change of address which was corrected with a single phone call with next day delivery. No faults at all with this site.
excellent site
There is no one to talk to on this site. I want my money back!
on vacationSun Jan 18 1970
Used to be the UKs best mobile provider, now sadly lacking in customer support. If you want to see an assistant in the local O2 store you have to make an appointment, you cant just go in and speak to someone. Online support is no better. More issues with lack of reception than in the past. Charges have increased hugely this month, and I will be finding another provider when my contract ends.

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