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OpenCandy provides advertising solutions that help software developers make money from application installer downloads, reach new users and increase engagement.

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OpenCandy is adware in software installers that sticks files and registry entries on your pc to act as permanent tracking cookies, even of you opt out and don't install the "recommended extra software". There is a huge thread about it on The OpenCandy company was founded by the same guys that gave us the wonderful adware/spyware that once came bundled with DivX. Personally, I would never consider adding something like this to my own software and I won't use any software containing it and I will give any developer that chooses to add it to their software a piece of my mind. There are better, less intrusive ways to recommend software to users, that doesn't require adding anything to your installers or involving some profit driven, data mining, privacy invading, middle-man company run by people with a very bad track record.
evilfantasyThu Jan 15 1970
Adware plain and simple.
HappyGolpherThu Jan 15 1970
adware that runs _necessarily_ with local admin privileges ... that's bad.. VERY BAD
OpenCandy_MalwareThu Jan 15 1970
OpenCandy is malware (adware). Ads, as we all know steal bandwidth. Moreover rationalizing that adware is a service and not an inconvenience- or threat reveals their irrational mindset. One of OpenCandy adware developers showed to malware bytes forum to defend himself (digging an even deeper hole)... claiming he's been fighting malware, too, and even uses malware bytes. Yeah, right, I believe that. Do you have any bridges to recommend in your infrastructure? OpenCandy sells access to a malware infrastructure for third parties to use. Kind of them? Providing yet another way to have software INFLICTED on the user is... yes... MALWARE: acting other than in the best interests of the users
I think this is infested by spyware...
They use adware.
I am confused -- this is the first WoT rating I encountered that seems very inaccurate (I just signed up to comment in fact). I followed a link here from a CNet article, a source I trust, and the site contains no Spyware or Malware that I see. It doesn't even have ads. Their product (not site) could be considered Adware, but I don't see anything inherently malicious here, which is what this WoT rating would lead me to believe.
dfghifudbgnThu Jan 15 1970
This site is totally safe!
OpenCandy is Adware or unwanted software
Open Candy is a company that has found another way to sneak spyware into installation files without people realizing what it is, that is, unless they have anti-virus. I scanned my install file of 2moons (and mmorpg) and it immediately caught the intruder and destroyed it. Such a shame that people are just so lazy that they can't bother trying to make money honestly. Do some research and you will find out more. Do not install anything unless you scan it first!

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