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Jun 24, 2010
You never win a popular item. Each credit costs 1 dollar, yet the price of an item only goes up by 5 cents each bid. This gives the illusion that people are getting a good deal. Most auctions have hundreds of people that bid on them. That PS3 that "sold for 70 dollars" actually had 600 dollars invested in it from the huge amount of people that bid on it to get that good deal. Basically, it's just going to eat away your money, you're rarely, if ever, going to get anything good from it.
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Shuriko830: thanks for sharing your thoughts on DealDash. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with DealDash. Did you know we have a 100% money back guarantee for paid unused Bids? If you feel like it's too hard to win auctions and you do not wish to use the Buy it Now option when you lose we recommend that you do not use DealDash. Winning auctions on DealDash should be quite easy as long as you stay patient and bid on items you are willing to buy. The smaller valued items also tend to have less demand and thus go for cheaper. On average 8/10 bidders win at least one or more auctions. Our recommendation to new bidders is to watch the site for a while before jumping in to get a good understanding how the auctions work. We also highly recommend that you never bid on anything that you would not be willing to buy at the store. This way you can always use the Buy it Now if you run out of bids or it gets "too hot". While its true that on the top 5% of auctions, DealDash makes a very high gross margin, it is equally true that on the bottom 65% our return is negative, in other terms we lose cash on the majority of auctions. 50% of our revenue comes from the risk-free, fair & honest Buy it Now option, mentioned above. We lose money on many if not most Buy it Now orders yet we continue to offer it to everyone and always will. This is part of building a sustainable model that people love. So the top 5% of auctions typically makes up the difference and in the end of the day our profit margins for the business are very comparable to what other e-commerce companies have (Amazon is at the same level with us). The only reason we are still around while hundreds of other traditional penny auction sites have failed is because we offer the Buy it Now option. It may make us less profit per auction, but the lifetime value of a customer is higher thanks to it. You can reach me on email or Facebook. ( - Yours sincerely, Will Wolfram Founder & CEO
May 25, 2010
I give them a decently good rating on all levels. The site works VERY well, as compared to most of these PA projects. The product quality & selection is good. Auctions start & end at decent intervals. There seems to be ZERO "shill bidding", which is great. All-N-All, one of the better Penny Auction sites available .... BUT .... did you really think you'd get that for free?? Not a chance. It's one of the MOST expensive PA sites you can use ($1 per bid) & they are VERY stingy about giving you a decent trial of these high-priced bids, only giving you 5 of them for registering, and then only if you allow them to connect up with your FaceBook page. In the end, that stringent policy will cost them customers, although they will ost likely survive simply because they are legit. If you DON'T like to take a bit of a risk .... and don't mind PAYING for that assurance, then this one is most likely for you. However, if you want to latch on to the REALLY cheap deals, you won't find those very often here.

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Bid on auctions and save. All auctions start at $0 with no minimum reserve. Everything must go! DealDash is the fair and honest bidding site.

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