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TsunamiSeaWingSun Jan 18 1970
You won't get malware from watching the videos. The site itself is safe, but there are ads that pop up every time you pause your video. Some of the ads are sexual in nature. Don't let your kids pause the video without doing so yourself to see whether or not they will be exposed to a sexual ad during their viewing
Zombie.mushedmyfaceSun Jan 18 1970
Does have little to much ad's but overall its one of the best sites I've used so far.
TurboWarthogSun Jan 18 1970
Site used to be safe. Recently rebuilt it only has one dedicated server. If the server is not operational it will immediately try another server outside 9anime. These servers are not safe. Malware acquired 7/9/2017. Removed by antivirus. As long as 9anime server works no problems occur, but it frequently transfers user to another server where ads and malware abound. Ideally if the site is working, no ads will appear. If not you will see ads and more trouble.
PopUps come out often when pausing the video. The browser started making peep sounds, and Avast (on Mac) blocked an infection!
Relatively safe if you're only here to watch videos. If any windows or any ads pop up as a result of visiting this site, be sure not to click on those as the majority of those will be malicious. Additionally, it is streaming anime, so understand the position you're getting into.
oranblackwoodSun Jan 18 1970
Generally a piece of crap website. Constant pop ups and no longer actually plays content. When you pause or even touch the screen your content stops and you get numerous pop ups. AVOID!!
ElliminationsMon Jan 19 1970
realy good would suggest to any weeb like me out there i love it
joseph176588Mon Jan 19 1970
i realy love this site

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