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roguekillerThu Jan 15 1970
don't listen to JRMSR52. The AKC a great site where you can learn about dog breeds, and pick one that is right for you.
Good site
good pet info..
angelg5159Fri Jan 16 1970
Good information.
good site! informative
Love these babies! Great info.
11/19/2010 Click a few times into the photos and you get XXX pornography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is no Adult content on this site. Even though this site has gone to the dogs. haha
Mr. SimpsonFri Jan 16 1970
Good website for registering breeding, looking at dog shows or just get some useful news on dogs.
American Kennel Club website. one of the largest dog registration organizations in the country. offer alot of good info.

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