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The Bahá’í Faith is the website of the Bahá’í International Community and includes presentations on Bahá’í history, teachings and belief, social and economic development, social action, prayer and meditation, and Bahá’í community life, as well as providing access to the Bahá’í Writings.

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If you have ever read the Bible, and have read the book of Revelations, you will realize that some day in the future, most people will convert to something just like the Baha'i religion. Be informed...
The legitimate, official site of the Baha'i Faith set up by the Office of Public Information for the Baha'i International Community. Contains no malicious content.
alohaworksFri Jan 16 1970
Good, indeed! Yes, as a Baha'i myself (and if you're not, YOU should be) I must say it is a wonderful site for all; young, old, smart, slow, friendly, nasty,,. this site won't hurt ya' & might leave you a little better off than you were when you arrived. Enjoy! (If you like, go ahead, thank God!) Be a Baha'i. Unite! One planet, one people, please.
alohaworksFri Jan 16 1970
Just an edit. Aloha always works. _barin

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