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8 years ago
Cайт предназначен для предоставления американским гражданам доступа к информации о правах на получение государственных льгот.
9 years ago
Wow, this site is so incredibly badly implemented! 1) It asks (when I tested it) 72 questions on a half dozen pages. If a user starts filling it out and comes back to it later, the user has to start over. It times out after a while, and all information must be re-entered. 2)It asks dozens of irrelevant questions, and provides dozens of irrelevant answers. E.g. if you have no involvement in the military, it still asks stupid redundant questions: A)It asks, "Are you the spouse, child or parent of someone who is serving or has served in the military?" (I choose No) B)Later, it asks "Are you the surviving spouse, child, or parent of a deceased veteran?"(I choose No) C)Later it asks about my military involvement, and I choose the "Am not currently, nor ever have been, in the military" option. If A is 'no', why ask B? The answer must be 'no' as well, surely. D)It asks, "Are you, or is your child, the biological child of an individual who served in the Republic of Vietnam between January 9, 1962 and May 7,1975?" (I choose No) If A and C are 'no', why ask D? The answer must be 'no' as well, surely. E)It asks, "Are you receiving or do you need Veterans' assistance or medical care?" It shouldn't! Similarly, it asks early on if I've ever been married. If the answer is no, why ask me so many questions about my spouse? It shouldn't! Similarly, why does it provide information on 18 disaster relief benefits when i've never been involved in a 'disaster'??? It shouldn't! And since I've made it clear I have no involvement in the military, why does it then, after I've answered all the questions, offer me information about 66 benefits only for "Veterans - active duty"??? Plus info on "Armed Forces Tax Benefits", "Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP)", and 5 more benefit programs for Vets??? SINCE IT'S SO HORRIBLE AT TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT BENEFITS THEY ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR, HOW MANY BENEFITS IS IT *NOT* TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT THAT THEY ARE ELIGIBLE FOR??? I have to conclude that reviewers should mark it red for trustworthiness and vendor reliability because of this. Holy Baloney, Batman. This is one of the most important web sites in the country. It's a disgrace. At least it's here, but it's 2012. But back in 2004, the site was already running and boasted that "New search capabilities reduce the length of the questionnaire, cutting down on your search time for benefits!" - see

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