Is safe? Reviews & Ratings is the most popular community site dedicated to the free, open-source 3D animation program Blender. On the site, users of the program can discuss their artwork, ask questions and find resources such as textures and tutorials.

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vercinstexThu Jan 15 1970
great community and website about blender 3D graphics
This is an artists forum, so the imagery uploaded might be a little scary, gory or include half finished 3D models of nude humans minus genitalia. There are strict rules concerning nudity and violent imagery. There is no sexually explicit or horrifically scary imagery. Everyone there is generally friendly and protective of their younger members. If you have an 12+ year old who wants to learn blender, they'll be OK.
A great Blender 3d community with tutorials, user-created animations and models, and more.
Advocatus DiaboliFri Jan 16 1970
Вредоносный - трояны / вирусы / эксплойты! / Malware - trojans / viruses / exploits!
Source of maleware
a blender user forum completly safe ;)
FlorentiaKnightSat Jan 17 1970
The perfect place for 3D artists using Blender, with a vibrant community.

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