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tried to get my money out of them for a month. As soon as I expressed my wish to do so they stopped communicating immediately. No emails, no phone calls. The so-called account manager emailed me a couple of times before all this started and he was calling me at least once a week too. Everything stopped at once. No reply, no answer from them. Relentless, I searched for a solution and found it through Actiondispute at gee ma!l (dot) com. Or on Whatsapp+1*6*1*8*6*7*1*4*6*8*1
It was awful, and I bet lots of other people got tricked too. But luckily, I found R E C O V C A P ! T A L, a pro team that helps get back lost money. They were so helpful and made sure I got my money back. They really helped me feel better and made things right.
Most trading platforms are scam because they do not allow withdrawal but on “primecryptomarket.c_o_m” withdrawal is very easy. I invested 10,000 USD and made 90,000 USD in less than a week, and they authorised my withdrawal within a hour of placing withdrawal request.
YES I RETRIEVED ALL!!! Cryptocurrency retrieving requires getting proper advice from people who have been victims and successfully made a recovery or getting in touch with legitimate retrieving experts who are known to tackle such a crime. Retrieving Cryptocurrency has always proved to be challenging but that doesn’t rule out the possibility or it being achievable. When going about a cryptocurrency retrieval , one has to be careful in other not to fall prey to another scam. Have you ever been a victim of a scam? Lost your wallet or money to fake hackers online? I implore you to contact this trustworthy hacker and retrieval expert. If you have lost any amount to online scams and you’re seeking to retrieve them, in fake hackers, online dating scams, BTC wallet hack, fake binary investors.Talk to Special Anonymous hacker with the info {R’e’g’a’i’n’b’a’c’k’f’u’n’d’s(àt)g’m’a’i’l(dot)c’o’m} Telegram (àT)Regainbackfunds +1|3|4|1|2|4|1|3|9|7|1| on whatsq,
Anyone with with a problem of lost funds rectify it with an expert technician on WhatsApp +187O8O61O81 instantly before it’s too late. They helped me report against this market and my money was refunded.
I was blocked from my account for weeks. If i could give them negative stars, I would do it in the blink of an eye! Get help from Turbo Refunds on WhatsApp +1 585 484 7650 They helped me get a report against this site and my money was refunded.
I registered with a scam broker and was tricked into putting in money, they also attempted to take money from my card without my consent.I had to hire a solution professional to Turbo Refund on Whatsapp +1 585 484 7650 before i could get my recoup. Highly recommend if you been a victim!
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