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FBI!Open the door!它为人民提供安全,同时是一个安全且优秀的网站
this website is official website of fbi it should only be accessible only by fbi but it tells you the ten most wanted fugitives and surrended people этот сайт является официальным веб-сайтом fbi, он должен быть доступен только только fbi, но он рассказывает вам о десяти самых разыскиваемых беглецах и сданных людях
Eine gute Webseite. Sehr Informativ.
This is the website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the U.S. It is a U.S. government website, so obviously it may pose some privacy risks, but there is definitely no malware or illegal stuff on this website, since they themselves are law enforcement.
Recently, the director of the FBI is attacking encryption technologies which are at the core of helping to prevent users from becoming victims of the rising threat of cybercrime. See ***** and remember criminals love backdoors. Now uses CloudFlare (a proxy service known to host terrorist websites) to deliver HTTPS. Conflict of interest anyone? Also, CloudFlare HTTPS is MITM'ed so CloudFlare could inspect tips sent to the site. It was also recentlly revealed that they have been purchasing malware from Hacking Team.
Читаем и смотрим новости, так что не идеален, как и вся система .
Official website owned and operated Federal Bureau of Investigation under Department of Justice.
chujowa strona......................
I have a dream that one day we will surf a free Internet where we can legally upload, download and share our files from Megaupload and other sites, with no SOPA or PIPA-like laws. I am not American and I want to continue using my Megaupload account. I did not use it for piracy or illegal activities. I want to get it back with my (legally uploaded, with no copyright) files. I do not want my files to be cancelled. This site is good, no viruses, no scams, no pornography; it's the official site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But closing Megaupload, FBI has limited our freedom. Internet is our world. Let's save it. EDIT: They also blocked Tor Mail!
One of the best things about the site is go there for solid stats.
As with other government sites, there is a possible privacy risk. The site overall though is okay.
Good site, but please stop going after Mega and Mega Upload, you can just remove the illegal files!
They try hard to protect the citizenry. Are never appreciated as much as they deserve to be. But I appreciate you. Keep fighting the good fight!
Хороший сайт. эти ребята делают грязную работу за нас. не думаю что им сладко...
Its the FBI. But they hate free will. They might as well make CIW ( Copyright Is Wrong ) and make it when they see a illegal file on a computer it flashes " COPYRIGHT IS WRONG " on the screen 5 times and it goes away. but it IS the FBI. And there is a new Megaupload called ***** or something so yeah.
Esta si que es una página nociva, y sin embargo para ustedes está en verde, ¿Por qué son tan cínicos?
Good site, gives good information on recent events. In my opinion my favorite part of the website is . It gives documents on things such as Osama Bin Laden, de-classified files,etc. Very informative, and safe. Maybe hard to read documents on though for those not with well eye-sight. In end, a great site.
Official page for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
These guys are shit.
Party Van HQ. Apparently these guys think its more important to go after internet users than actual threats to society such as serial killers and gang violence. Stay classy FBI.
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