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I guess it's good, but Ajit Pai the slimy ogre lives there.
Being as they are the governmental control over internet they really don't support the people who are most adversely affected by poor internet. Having dealt with them via several complaints with my ISP, they simply forward the complaint and there is little done to the company despite poor customer service and bad service provided for your money. They have the power to do something and look the other way. They let these corporations basically run the show while they collect their salaries. I have had a few good conversation with people at FCC but few and far between. Most of the the time they don't even want to talk to you or be bothered. They just pass the buck on and as far as I know don't do a thing about it.
This site is the for the Federal Communications Commission – a part of the United States Government, however, their leadership and work has been unethical and little more than a scam perpetrated upon American citizens. They have knowingly accepted thousands of forged comments regarding their recent ruling upon net neutrality in America ( I am forced to consider this site as being untrustworthy. See this article for some of the potential effects upon consumers their latest rulings have and why many consider them "untrustworthy": *****
Removing our rights and doing away with net neutrality.
Site can have links to external sites that automatically redirect, i.e. this malware url:
It is a official government website, so it should be trustworthy.
Official site of the US Federal Communications Commission.
This is safe site; I learned a bit about broadband that I hadn't known!
Even though I don't agree with what the FCC does, they do have a lot of useful information about regulations and the DTV transition.
This website is owned by the United States Government. It is safe and good for finding information.
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