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dakotamoonsThu Jan 15 1970
This is a good site it helps keeps junk out of our landfills and Help Mother Earth
cpevey@ymail.comThu Jan 15 1970
All about free stuff!!
very useful
RiverSwamiThu Jan 15 1970
Users reuse and recycle everyday items that would normally enter the trash stream. It's FREEcycle because everything is offered for FREE! Sign up is by geographic area(s) as chosen by the user.
Generally a good site. No issues in using the website itself, so rated highly. But as with any social networking or selling site, you need to be very careful about how you allow people to interact with you in the 'real world'. Proceed with caution and meet in public places if possible. Don't give people your real name or address.
rosemary39901Fri Jan 16 1970
allows a known thief and scammer to use this site and will not remove her, USE WITH CARE
It is going to highly depend on who is running the local group. Your experiences are going to vary wildly. You also want to protect your private information and be wary of offline risks. Also, the site has broken encryption so I am lowering my rating one more notch. In theory things should get exchanged and less will end up in landfills. In practice ????

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