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Neopets.Com – Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more!

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FlyingcurlytailThu Jan 15 1970

C: It's a fun site for all ages.

Although neopets tend to try to appeal to the younger kids.

It's super safe (almost too annoyingly safe) for kids.

They do freeze your accounts (but usually because you did something 'wrong').

The advertisements are annoying.

Great site for kids. I'd recommend Adblock to take care of the ads, a little intrusive sometimes.

SecurityadvisorThu Jan 15 1970

This is a good site, but they have ads all over the place, even on Flash Games.

This is a safe and fun place for children. However, I recommend using Adblock Plus or another ad blocker because there are many ads around the site.

Easy for kids. Safe.

Great fun for children and pre-teens. I reccomend getting an advertisement blocker of some sort, as some advertisements link offsite, and (A few months ago) an advertisement was displayed that caused your computer to recieve a virus. (Followed by a computer lock and/or crash)

Security_WizThu Jan 15 1970

Overall a good rating and a good site. Neopets entertains users with free games and their own pets. I've been on that site for a long time, and I trust it. I've only once experienced a problem with vendor reliability. They only use information for statistics, however, using the site can give you a few doubleclick and google tracking cookies from the ads. It's great for children, as long as you have an ad-blocker. Overall Security Rating: Trust: 96/100, Vendor Reliability 88/100, Privacy 82/100 and Child Safety 98/100. Overall Site Rating: 93.5/100.

Great site for kids…. I recommend this for an alternative to the other download games… one thing is the ads… in those cases, just use Adblock Plus on Mozilla

They have a lot of great fun flash games, and some are even educational. The sponsored games aren't as much fun, but they pay well in the neopoints needed to get food for your pets.

Phishing and scams have been a big problem on the site for ages. If you want to keep your kids safe and happy, and not expose them to others that would try to scam them out of their account, neopoints, items, etc, then make sure you keep them OFF the social parts of the site.

NO neomail, message boards, guilds, member run shops, etc. These are where all the scams & phishing begin.

To protect privacy, use an ad blocker and don't click ANY offsite links.

Kotakun333Thu Jan 15 1970

I love it, although there are many advertivments, it is easily avoidable by using Firefox's AdBlock Plus

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteSite for kids


92 / 100

Child Safety

94 / 100