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Stansberry & Associates Investment Research provides investment research, stock analysis, investment advice, and newsletters to generate years of exceptional returns.

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pro.stansberryresearch.comreviews 30

WOT should not allow negative ratings unless accompanied by explanatory comments. I cannot imagine why a financial / investment advisory service such as Stansberry could be considered child unsafe. I have been a customer for several years and can say that I could not be more satisfied with their privacy policy, reliability and trustworthiness from a business perspective. I totally disagree with the current WOT rating.


Stansberry Research and Associates provides the clearest and most useful information i have every seen. I don't have the money to invest, but the insights offered are wise, useful and moneymakers for those who are open to learning something. Whoever has rated the site as untrustworthy doesn't understand information dispersal. They may not like being 'sold' something, but that is what the site is about to begin with. People with political agendas do things like rate a site poorly. That WOT would let this happen makes WOT look bad … very very bad.


I have a life-time membership with Stansbury and Associates and am very pleased with all the services they provide me. The WOT should not start a new site with a poor rating as it makes me want to rate them poorly.


I have subscribed to Stansberry for several years with no problems or question regarding site safety and privacy. They do engage in aggressive sales hype on the site but hey – that's what they are in business for – selling newsletters.

BrokenHalo84Fri Jan 16 1970

This is why I believe this website has these ratings:


Stansberry & Associates is a perfectly respectable company. It's absurd–and offensive–that they should be rated as a danger to people. People who give low ratings should be required to document their opinions.


WOT needs to start policing its own site before it becomes irrelevant. This is the 3rd time in the last month this rating error by WOT has happened to me. A poor rating means UNSAFE. This is NOT the case with Stansberry Research, which seems to be on someone's hit list now– Perhaps someone who is running for President. Stansberry is in the business of selling financial newsletters– a couple of which I have been receiving for several years. Their website is perfectly safe, though they do have a political opinion which is occasionally reflected in their emails and newsletters. Anyone who disagrees with their opinions on financial or political matters has the freedom not to read or subscribe.

JosephBC69Fri Jan 16 1970

This is the largest financial newsletter service in the USA, maybe the world, that's all. I don't know if they sell yr email to others, seems unlikely, as they would be competition! They may get annoying as to frequency of emails, but NOWHERE as bad the The Motley Fool, which my spam filter CANNOT get rid of, so I've come to loathe the Fool.

I also bought their lifetime sub service @ US00.00, so at 70 it must have some value for me!


It appears that some group of people wants to suppress the information that Stansberry Research puts out. I can't imagine what is child unfriendly about this site.

Scruffy_CurmudgeonFri Jan 16 1970

EMAIL from site claimed free access but the very first page on site when url link accessed requires a paid subscription!

You can access my analysis in written and presentation forms, free of charge, here.

Porter Stansberry
Founder, Stansberry Research


Safety Rating Breakdown




53 / 100

Child Safety

65 / 100