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In its truest sense of mean, this platform is a scam. That's it. Pure and simple. Here's my experience: First, they will try to get you to enlist in a one day trial (1$ for one day trial), then try to sneakily upgrade that trial to include customer service and another Bullsh*t offering as much as $25 without giving you any rejection options. Luckily, I just closed the page so I can skip this first scam. But by then, before your 1-day trial ends, you will be charged for a full 1-month subscription as much as $50 or something, and they will refuse to give you a refund no matter what kind of proof you're giving them. I have fallen for this scam, and try to get a refund without any success, It's like talking to the most obnoxious and dense customer service you'll ever meet in your life. If you are scammed like me, I would encourage you to report this platform to the police or any other relevant law enforcement body in your nearest area.
scammers, I am sorry that I did it and subscribed this shit
Great tracker. Been using it for more than a year.
Scannero shows very accurate location details next to the map. Hate it when I have to tap on a pin to see details, so this is a great feature. Can see coordinates, address, everything.
scannero fraud!!! scammer they took money from my account first 3.34sr, then 74.96sr and again 186.75sr. their application is useless, its not helping instead automatic deducting money to my account with out any notification.i need to lock my account so they cannot continue taking money.its big hussle.
It's just a scam, it promoted that it can detect a location by number but when you subscribe they ask you for unattainable thing like installing app on the device you want to track, or sending pishing links to them. The app works on charging people a monthly subscription without a notice after a trial. I just got a message that money has been deducted from my account without an email or notification from them. When I investigated I found out it's them, the irony is they sent me offers and discounts just a few hours after they deducted my money without consent :)
On March 25, 2024 I've purchased a trial subscription of Rs. 79 which was valid for 24 hours. I found their services of no use which is why I sent an request email to Scannero that I want to cancel my subscription of which I have received a confirmation email as well which mentioned that my request has been received by company. Still, an amount of Rs. 4070 got deducted from my credit card on March 26, 2024 which activated a subscription for one month. For the request that I've raised to company on 25th March 2024 for cancellation of my subscription, I've received a revert on my request on 27th March 2024 that my subscription has been cancelled. Seriously what rubbish is this. Which company has the right to deduct the money from customer's account after you've received the request from customer that he/she wants to cancel the subscription. I've already raised a fraud complaint to my bank against you Scannero. Their customer care number is also fraud. This is an warning to Scannero:- If I'll not get my refund back to the original source of payment, I will surely raise a complaint against this scam company to the Indian Government and will highlight the complete case. I've each proof documented eg. 'confirmation email received from Scannero for receiving my request to cancel the subscription on 25th March 2024', 'email of payment deducted from my credit card by Scannero on 26th March 2024', etc. Now Scannero can decide ahead.
Bought a new phone last month. But Scannero worked perfectly on my old Android and my new iPhone. Phew! No need to learn a whole new app.
They're scammers of the first order, sitting behind the wall of internet to hide their true colours. If you commit a simple mistake of giving your card details to them, they'll simply milk it whether or not they provide any service. I signed-up for a trial, but my account was not created. When I tried to unsubscribe, they told me you don't have an account with Scannero. However, within less than 24-hours they deducted 50$ from my card. But they're very professional in scamming, they'll duly send you a receipt of the money they've milked from your card ;)
I signed up for a '24hr trial' and had an auto generated ticked box sign me on for another month charging me over 720% of the trial. Would not refund me my money after multiple emails asking to refund my money.
Scannero is user-friendly even for the least tech-savvy person. I was able to sign up and get started with no trouble. The dashboard is clean and easy to navigate
Helped me locate my son when he was out past his curfew.
Сайт не працює зняли 38 євро і не вертають, підписку не можливо відмінити
I was scammed by this company, I registered yesterday Sep 26 2023, 9:33 AM, I paid $0.89 today (27 Sept 2023) at 3:16 pm I was charged $49.96 I didn't even use their services, I need this money to feed my kids. I would never have subscribed if it costed that much, This app is definitely a scam to take money from people like, You advertise it for 0.89USD but take almost 50USD You subscribe for one day, and prevent you from entering the site to get you 49,80$. I want to use the app but not for that price. If this does not get resolved today 27 Sep 23, i will spam all platforms with bad 1 star reviews. Contact me NOW!!!!! and fix this!!!
оно само по себе не рабоетает и еще 489 долларов списало, а розширение вот пишет что тут 4 звезды я в ахере удаляю розширение и кидаю заяву на сайт
Шахрайство. Зняли гроші за місяць, не повідомивши. Повертати відмовилися. Сам застосунок не працює.
Don’t trust Scannero, don’t give them your account details, they’ve taken my money without any warnings. To get money back is unreal, propose me 15% refunding, when I just haven’t used Scannero. My lost phone wasn’t found:(
The product is absolutely bad. It stopped working for a week, with the messages not even sending at all to the number. When it started sending again, I ended up realizing the location tracking was unrealistic because who would even open some spam text sent to them, and even worse on an iOS phone, where it would require the person to give their permission for location tracking? Extremely unpractical. Stay away from this product which is an absolute scam.
They just stole my money despite unsubscribing within 15 minutes of the 24 hour trial. And now they keep pretending they don't understand anything I say when I email them (if they bother to reply at all). I have now involved my bank and the police.
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