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Free browser game by Innogames. I played for several years now.
its a free online Bord MMOG. U get a small village and u need to build it up and take over other players villages to grow. U cant make new villages so u need to take then from other players. I played it for like 1 year now and i never had any problem with it, when u wand extra options u need to buy premium, then u also support the game. I would recommended it when u like to play a simple war based game. U do need to see more there game its self its who u play that makes it a other game
Safe to use! Read full comment here! Tribal Wars is an free online browsergame. As I am part of the community there I should be able to determine the safety and ratings. As for Vendor reliability, it's quite good. If you pay, you get your premiumpoints. If that takes to long, you can always complain about it and in 90% of the cases you get a compensation for the trouble. The privacy is very important to tribal wars. I can verify that! You get email when inactive or when signing up, but that's it. They don't spam your mailbox! So, that's excellent for me! Child safety is a great concern for most parents. This game should be harmless. There's no violence in this game. Everything is only browser-related, so it's limited to some clicks. Although VERY concerned parent should be carefull. When attacking other children, it's possible your child get offended by some rude language. This is something tribal wars tries to prevent, so if your child reports this they'll ban him. Just help you kid read and understand the rules by explaining them and explain him what to do if someone tries it and he'll be fine. General conclusion. Safe site, good service, privacy is kept secret and safe to buy premium! The only disadvantage is the commercials. As tribal wars is a free game, they make profit of this. Could be annoying sometimes, but when using a ad-block, you should be fine! Have fun!
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