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This provides exploits for games. The exploits work, but they all have viruses. Also, on Google Chrome it will trick you into downloading and running an updater because it tells you "Google Chrome is out of date!". Do not download anything from this website.
coookienerdajSun Jan 18 1970
This site is great for downloading exploits for roblox. It's quick and simple, it's also very well organized. As long as you have a good ad blocker, it'll work perfectly.
prayadtangbanSun Jan 18 1970
It's a tool-downloading-site some tools are trustworthy but, some are totally malicious. So be careful when downloading something from this site.
lilkatelynSun Jan 18 1970
Ok, somewhat suspicious, you need a good blocker of bad viruses and Bugs that may get into your computer, And dont click the ad's DO NOT! The ad's are the really bad part so I would suggest not. But... the exploits work if you do them correctly but i put the thing through thousands of virus scan's and through the recycle bin before I even trusted that, And i would suggest you do the same.
It is a shitty website, I tried JJSploit v3/v4 and it did not work even though I injected it.
stanwalkiewicz80Sun Jan 18 1970
its suspicious but i didt use it yet but im about to tho?!
melinauskas.nojusSun Jan 18 1970
I have not tried it but I’m going to try it on a virtual machine so I can test it... I don’t recommend downloading stuff there on your main pc
UnKnown00001Sun Jan 18 1970
this is a good site its 90% virus free sometimes its a false positive of viruses
isabel.thursfieldSun Jan 18 1970
I tried downloading it but immediately my McAfee and build in computer virus detectors went completely crazy. I'm sure if you have something that eradicates the bad files you might be able to use it
The exploits work. But most of them have viruses in them. They have a crypt injector that uses your computer to mine bitcoin. So dont use. Its basically virus downloads

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