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nightgunner5Thu Jan 15 1970
The new short URL service is a URL shortening service for blogs as well as self-hosted Wordpress blogs using the Stat Plugin. Safety depends on the site behind the shortened URL.
directphotoThu Jan 15 1970
not good. spam
Alvaro Degives-MasThu Jan 15 1970
Domain for shortlinks from WordPress powered blogs and websites.
While this is the url shorting service for Wordpress, it does not convey any kind of trust. I came across this link only because of blogspammers flooding social media sites with repeated unwanted junk articles.
evilfantasyFri Jan 16 1970
URL shortening service for Wordpress. Safe.
When used by itself it redirects to It makes shortlinks for blogs and blog posts for twitter/tumblr/email/etc. like
Сервис сокращения длинных url.
Rose Anne MamplataSat Jan 17 1970
Many people doesn't want to know me very well, That's why I Join in here. I am a good person with a good personality.

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