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Happy Holidays to the WOT Community!

Under the tree the gifts enthrall,
But the nicest present of them all
Is filling our thoughts with those who care,
Wanting our Christmas joy to share.

Too good to be true?


Some time ago, we were looking for new developers to join our team. Luckily, we found what we needed, and are now very excitingly waiting for the new team member to arrive! But first we have to take care of some practical issues, like finding a place for our new developer to stay.

WOT’s Friend wins on Finnish Tour


Do we have any golf enthusiasts in the community? We have good news for you!

WOT’s friend, professional golfer Joonas Granberg secured his #1 position in the Finnish Tour rankings last weekend even before the final tournament. The winning result of this promising rising star was -9 (67, 68, 72).

Back to Basics

The WOT blog has been running for almost five years now. During this time the authors have changed, quite a few topics have been covered, and more readers have joined our audience.

As more and more web users find WOT, we often get to answer the same questions over again. But who could explain them better than the founders? Let’s take a look at some selected pearls from our blog archive, written by our early-day authors Sami and Timo themselves.

Where would you go meet other WOT users?

The sun is shining and the holiday season is at its highest. Those few that are left in the quiet WOT office are silently staring out of the window thinking summery thoughts. Our recent poll indicated that WOT community members are not very active on having holidays: 17 % of the respondents didn’t admit knowing what is a vacation. However, when you do have a holiday, on which basis do you choose your destination?

Turn on Privacy Settings in your browser

Enabling browser privacyLast year, the US Federal Trade Commission recommended browser companies add options that give users the ability to opt out of online tracking technologies. Mozilla, Microsoft and Google responded by offering ‘Do Not Track’ features in their browsers. But even with greater choice and control over their online experience, people are not using these features.

WOT is available in Korean

The WOT add-on will soon be available in Korean. This increases the number of supported languages up to 15. The update was published today and is now going through the approval process of browser vendors. This takes some days after which the add-on in Korean will be available for download.

Korean flag

WOT currently supports these languages: