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WOT scorecard facilitates two-way communication

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Web users can share their opinion on websites by rating and leaving comments on the WOT scorecard. If you are a site owner, keeping an eye on the comments is useful. You have gone through the trouble of creating and running a website, so you probably also want to know what your users think about it.

WOT to hit 20 million downloads

Our WOT safe surfing tool was released in September 2006, reached 10 million downloads a year ago in March 2010 and soon we are about to reach yet another milestone – 20 million downloads!

WOT has a solution for web surfers’ biggest security threat


From the "there’s-no-news-like-bad-news" files comes the annual Internet Threat Security Report from anti-virus giant Symantec warning us that cyber attacks are increasing. The experts say that security on the Internet has gone from bad to worse; increasing 93 percent in 2010 from an already dismal year in 2009. Not only were there more threats in 2010, the threats are growing more sophisticated.

URL shorteners hide dangers

Dutch annual greenhouse opening features WOT

Every year, on the first weekend of April, Dutch greenhouses open their doors to the public. As one of Holland’s most popular public events, “Kom in de Kas” attracts masses of visitors to admire the bloom of Holland’s famous tulips and other flowers, vegetables and plants.

Improvements in the WOT scorecard

The next time you enter a WOT scorecard for detailed information about a site’s reputation or to leave your own comment, you’ll notice the scorecard looking a bit different than before. In order to make the scorecard clearer and useful information easily available, we have implemented the following improvements:

Reorganized information

You will find the same information as before on the new scorecard, but it’s organized in a slightly different way.

New feature on the scorecard

There are many questions that might occur especially to those visiting a scorecard for the first time. For example, “What do the little men next to the rating mean?”, “Do comments affect reputations?” and “What are the rating components?”

Outcome of the public brainstorming session


A few weeks ago we asked you take part in brainstorming for developing WOT using Google Moderator. Thank you all that participated by sharing your ideas! This is an ongoing project so please keep submitting your suggestions. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at some of the ideas we’ve gathered so far.

WOT goes social – Preview the beta version now!

Social networking – on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere – is a big part of what people are doing daily on the internet. Social media allows messages to spread far and fast and become popular, even viral. When the messages come from someone that you know and trust, it’s often perceived as safe. Put these factors together, and you’ve got a very tempting target for scammers and hackers. Typically, a scammer takes over an account and uses it to spread links which are contaminated, lead to phishing or malicious sites, or intend to capture more accounts.

New team member from Korea

The WOT team has a new member from far away. Kaye, our new intern from Korea, started at the WOT office a few weeks ago, and will be with us until June. Currently WOT has some 20,000 users in Korea. In a country with a population of nearly 50 million, there would definitely be room for the WOT community to grow. Let’s learn a bit more about Kaye and hear her views on the Korean market potential for WOT.

The WOT office is moving

The WOT team has grown out of its premises. It’s time to say goodbye to our cozy old office in the island of Lauttasaari and re-locate the team to new premises in the downtown of Helsinki.

The new office has fast network connectivity, luminous space, convenient location, and good services, thus it offers great surroundings for developing WOT. It also has enough room for the team to grow further.

Share your ideas for WOT

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The WOT team is continuously looking for new ideas and ways to improve the usability, functionality and accessibility of WOT. We want to continue to do our part to ensure the safest and most pleasant surfing experience for all web users.

We invite you to take part in brainstorming. Do you have an idea concerning WOT? New features or applications in mind? Some specific moments when you’ve thought “I’d really like to see the WOT donuts here”?

Safe Surfing Tool Web of Trust Sued over Community Warnings

As some of you already know, ten Internet companies based in Florida, US, have filed a lawsuit against WOT Services, the provider of the safe surfing tool Web of Trust. The companies are requesting WOT to remove ratings and comments related to them. WOT is accused of defamation, violating rights, conspiracy and manipulating algorithms.