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the affects of technostress

Technostress: How Technology Affects Us

“Are you Cyberphobic? Techno-crazed? If so, you’re not alone . . . If all the hype about the Information Superhighway makes you want to take

Happy easter from mywot

Happy Easter

The WOT Team wishes you a Happy Easter!

MyWOT mousepad winners

And the winners are….

Thank you all for your comments and wishes.


The winners of the WOT limited edition mousepads were chosen randomly this morning (Finnish time).

Here is the list of the winners:


The new WOT is coming out soon!

Some of you have already experienced the taste of the new WOT, either in the form of the new scorecard or even the new add-on. As each browser has a different approval method, some browser versions may take a little more time than the others to be updated.