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Cast your vote for WOT in’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards's Reader's Choice Awards

The Best Privacy / Security Add-On category in’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Awards accepted nominations for any browser add-ons, plug-ins, or extensions that are designed to protect privacy and ensure safety while surfing the Web. Thanks to your nominations, WOT made it to the finals!

Join the Safer Internet Day 2011!

safer interner dayToday, 8th of February, organizations and individuals across the world join forces for the annual Safer Internet Day.

The aim of the day is to promote kids’ safer and more responsible use of online technologies.

How publicity affects WOT downloads

Opera logo“All publicity is good publicity” the saying goes. We don’t know about that, but according to our experience, positive publicity really does the trick.

Super Bowl Scams to Avoid

Super Bowl Scams to AvoidThis Sunday, American NFL football fans will be gathering in restaurants, sports bars and living rooms around the world to watch the Super Bowl XLV showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Some of us will be there for the party atmosphere and to watch the over-the-top commercials.

WOT welcomes two millionth registered user

2 million registered users

On the International Data Privacy Day, 28th of January 2011, the WOT community reached its 2 millionth registered user. This proves that the first million really is the most difficult to earn: the milestone of one million registered was reached only a year ago in January 2010. We warmly welcome the 2 millionth registered user and the 1,999,999 who registered before!

WOT celebrates International Data Privacy Day


Friday, January 28th is international Data Privacy Day around the globe. The purpose of the day is to remind us that we need to be aware and cautious about sharing personal information on the web.

Different technologies and devices are essential to communicate, access information and use services in the digital world we now live in. With or without intention, we share information about ourselves and people around us. As a part of Data Privacy Day, we at WOT encourage you to do the following:

Think carefully about what you are sharing

WOT thanks users for generous contributions

Since October 2009, Mozilla has set up a virtual tip jar to collect contributions on behalf of their add-on community. Web of Trust has been the recipient of Firefox users’ abundant generosity and for that we are grateful. Thanks to all of you who support WOT through monetary contributions via Mozilla Firefox.

WOT Launches “WOT for Blogs” WordPress Plugin

Wordpress logo

Are you a blogger using WordPress technology for your blog?

Today sees the beta launch of a WOT plugin for Wordpress – the popular blogging platform/software.

The WOT for Blogs plugin adds WOT reputation symbols to posts and comments on your blog keeping you and your readers safe from any untrustworthy external links.

Nominate WOT for’s 2011 Reader’s Choice Award's Reader's Choice Awards.

It’s time again for’s Reader’s Choice Awards. The awards will showcase the best products, features and services in more than a dozen topic areas and hundreds of categories, nine specific to Web browsers and browser-related software.

WOT User Awards 2010

The WOT user awards is a yearly tradition to acknowledge the dedicated community members that invest their time, effort and interest to support WOT for the safer Internet. It’s time to hand out the awards for 2010.

This year the WOT team has decided to limit the number of award recipients down to three in each category. Those three represent the overall excellence of the global community in which the experience, ideas and views of each individual counts. Regardless if awarded or not, each and every one of you is acknowledged for your participation!

New Year’s resolution: Make rating a habit

rating window

As we know, the basis of WOT reputations are user ratings. However, we sometimes face the misconception that rating websites with WOT is difficult. That is not true. Let us explain why.

Review of WOT’s year 2010


As the year 2010 is coming to an end, it’s time to take a little break and look back. 2010 was an important year of growth and improvement for Web of Trust. What will we remember this year for?

Doubling downloads

We started 2010 with 8 million downloads. The milestone of 10 million downloads was celebrated at the end of March and the massive 16 million was reached in December, thus downloads were doubled during 2010!