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WOT is guest on The Colin McEnroe Show: The Spam Scourge

Spam folderWOT users are familiar with nature of spam, those unwanted email messages generated by networks of "zombiefied" computers controlled by rogue programs called botnets. Using ingenious and low cost methods, spam replicates by the trillions. It costs us billions of dollars a year, but a "choke point" has been found that could greatly reduce the flow of spam.

New social features to WOT

Registered users can share their experiences on the web by leaving comments on scorecards and participating in forum discussions. These users are extremely valuable to us, and therefore we want to make it very easy for all WOT users to register. Using tools from our partner Facebook, we have implemented the following features:

Until We Meet Kaye Again

Remember Kaye, our Korean intern who joined the team in February? Time has passed fast, Kaye completed her internship, and it’s time for
‘until we meet again’s.

It’s been a real pleasure to have Kaye here. In this short time she became a valuable member of our small team, and we definitely will miss her.

Targeted Advertising and Your Privacy

Advertising Option IconThe subject of behavioral or “targeted” advertising is getting continued attention this year on Capitol Hill and in the EU. Legislators, privacy experts, consumer advocacy groups and leading technology companies are discussing privacy protection, consumer rights/choice, accountability, compliance and technology.

How can businesses use the reputation data

How do you make money with a service that doesn’t cost a penny to its end-user is a question that we often hear when telling people about the concept of WOT.

Especially in the online environment, the answer can be complex. In WOT’s case, it is the reputation data as the recently published deal with Facebook shows.

Facebook uses WOT reputation ratings to protect users from scams and malware


Facebook logo

Today the WOT team is giddy with excitement to announce a major cooperation with Facebook, the daddy of all social networking platforms. After nearly a year of meeting, talking about and testing WOT data, Facebook has integrated WOT’s community-powered reputation ratings into their security system to provide extra protection for their 500 million plus users.

WOT’s international fans share our story in their language

WOT reached and quickly surpassed twenty million worldwide downloads a few weeks ago. How did we reach all of those people with our message, you may wonder?

Word-of-mouth has always been our most potent communication tool, and WOT has benefited from you, dear users, telling your friends, family and co-workers about our safe surfing tool. Fans of WOT worldwide publish articles and make videos explaining how WOT works so others can learn how to make their browsers safer, plus have a platform to express their opinions and experiences.

WOT scorecard facilitates two-way communication

people speaking

Web users can share their opinion on websites by rating and leaving comments on the WOT scorecard. If you are a site owner, keeping an eye on the comments is useful. You have gone through the trouble of creating and running a website, so you probably also want to know what your users think about it.

WOT to hit 20 million downloads

Our WOT safe surfing tool was released in September 2006, reached 10 million downloads a year ago in March 2010 and soon we are about to reach yet another milestone – 20 million downloads!