Community Guidelines

Forum guidelines


  • Register only one account, multiple accounts will be considered manipulation and be banned.

  • Keep your profile picture family friendly and do NOT use the WOT logo as your profile picture.

  • Signatures can be set up in your profile, please limit them to 4 lines.

  • Live links are not permitted in signatures. Instead, you can use simple domain names alongside a message that you have a link on your profile page.


  • When starting a new thread, use a short, informative subject line.

  • Before posting a question on the forum, please look for the answer in the WOT Wiki, FAQ , or our Support section. Your question may already be answered there.

  • Stay on topic: Before replying to a forum post, read the thread subject and the original post to make sure your comment is relevant.

  • Try not to post duplicate threads.

  • Periodically review your previous postings to ensure that the information is still accurate.

  • All kinds of spamming are prohibited: Remember that off-topic comments are considered spam and will be deleted without warning.

  • Help site owners: Site owners can post on the forum if they want their site's reputation to be evaluated. Please be friendly and constructive in your feedback.

  • Protect your privacy: Do not share any personal information on the forum or in your signature.

  • Please do not leave 1-word comments.

Please do not post live links when referencing a website or page that's not part of Use simple domain names in a format like this:



If you are referencing a URL, change the HTTP to HXXP. For example:

  • hxxp://

  • hxxp://

We rely on our registered community members and volunteer moderators to report content that violates these guidelines through the “Flag” function on all scorecards as well as on the forum. Register here to join the community.

If you have any constructive suggestions on how we could improve the WOT system, please share them with us.