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Data Protection

The internet is becoming more and more advanced. Unfortunately so are hackers. Here are our best practices on how to stay protected online.

Visualize this: You’re sifting through your emails and stumble upon a message claiming you’ve won a lottery you never entered. Or perhaps, a seemingly urgent

Are you tired of getting hundreds of random emails a day that are overflowing and polluting your inbox? These emails are known as spam or

It’s no secret that as the internet continues to evolve, so do its common scams. The FBI released a statement that within the last few

If you’ve ever Googled or don’t want to ever Google ‘did this password appear in a data leak?’ then this blog, and WOTs features, are

After the last US election, the Internet landscape has changed into a hyper-political platform. Although news of Russia versus America is much more prevalent these

IoTs is a new industry with consumers loving their internet-connected gadgets, but as with all-things internet related, beware, they are vulnerable