Mobile Security

America & Russia: The Cyberwar

After the last US election, the Internet landscape has changed into a hyper-political platform. Although news of Russia versus America is much more prevalent these

5 Tips for a Better App Security Routine

5 Tips For a Better App Security Routine

You’ve just downloaded yet another app to your work computer. You didn’t think twice about it, your colleague said you HAD to try it and you clicked

Malware Guide

A Beginner’s Handbook to Malware

The Internet has a Boogey Man (or Slender Man, whoever your wimpy generation fears), and his name is Malware. Here at WOT, we try to keep

Encrypt android before factory reset

How to permanently wipe your Android data

Phones have a variety of our most sensitive data, including private messages, pictures, passwords and contact info. But as many users upgrade their hardware to

WOT for Android: Sneak Peek!

Today we are making a much-anticipated announcement and giving you a sneak peek of our newest product: WOT for Android!

The slated release of our first mobile security app is in the coming weeks (you will be the first to know when it happens), as we are completing the finishing touches and commence testing with our beta group.

Why You Should Update Your Software & Apps Right Now

Think of your computer’s software and apps as you would the tires on your car. You depend on them to always work properly, and should regularly check that they’re filled with air for the optimal driving experience. You want them to have all the necessa