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WOT Press Releases

  • 27/11/2009 WOT Services Ltd and Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy Cooperate to Improve the Marketing of Web Shops
    WOT Services Ltd., the company behind the reputation rating services Web of Trust (WOT) and Community Trust Network (CTN) launched a new cooperation with the leading Internet payment provider in Finland, Suomen Verkkomaksut Ltd. The aim of cooperation is to help web shops communicate their trustworthiness and reliability and promote the overall security of e-commerce operations to consumers. ... View more
  • 17/11/2009 WOT is #1 Rising Star of the North from Finland, Awarded by SIME
    The reputation rating service Web of Trust is the top Finnish company in the 2009 SIME Rising Stars of the North, and fifth overall in the Nordics. The 12-member jury selected the WOT browser add-on as top in Finland because it uses a high level of innovation and has created a unique product with a clear end-user focus. WOT and its new commercial product, the Community Trust Network, was judged to have great potential to become a commercial success and mean a lot to users and customers. ... View more
  • 03/11/2009 WOT Services Launches Trust Network for Online Business Owners to Promote Excellent Reputations and Collect Feedback
    WOT Services Ltd, the company behind the reputation rating service Web of Trust, launched the Community Trust Network (CTN), a program that gives websites with superior reputations tools to publicize their trustworthiness and to collect ratings and feedback in a neutral way. The end result for website owners is that they attract new visitors, improve their reputation, and boost sales by increasing confidence and trust.  Today's Internet surfers use online tools like WOT to share their experiences and express their opinions about companies. Candidates for CTN membership already have excellent or good reputations as rated by the millions of members of the WOT community. Businesses without their own mechanism to collect customer feedback use WOT's rating information to establish a fair, unbiased, easy-to-use system to collect and promote feedback and ratings that will attract new customers to their site. "My business lives and dies by the trust of my customers, and I want to show potential customers that my website and my business can be trusted. The WOT community has rated my site highly in all categories, and with the Community Trust Network, I now have a way to communicate that to all my site's visitors," said Ed Coyne, owner of Angelo PC, in San Angelo, Texas. The Community Trust Network includes: Trust seals & Rate us buttons A certificate with real-time WOT ratings and comments An easy-to-use feedback tool Reputation alerts CTN icon to help you stand out in search results CTN's tools are flexible and easy to integrate into any website. Visitors can submit ratings for trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety using the WOT reputation rating system, along with detailed comments. To make it open for all, site visitors do not have to be members of WOT to rate the site. Membership prices begin at $19.90 per month for non-commercial sites. There is a free 30-day trial for new customers. Sign up at www.mywot.com/ctn Free security add-on warns against online threats: ... View more