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WOT Press Releases

  • 03/12/2010 Search Engine DuckDuckGo Offers Users WOT Protection Against Scam Websites
    Search engine methods were in the news after the New York Times wrote about a shady online vendor who encouraged bad reviews to manipulate his site’s ranking within Google. Unsuspecting customers were ripped off and abused without any indication that they were dealing with a scammer. Search engine DuckDuckGo has built in the WOT safe surfing option to protect their users from clicking on untrustworthy sites with a record of bad customer service. ... View more
  • 24/11/2010 Web of Trust (WOT) a Must Have Tool in the Online Group Buying Industry
    Online Group Buying has seen massive expansion in the last two years and now has more than 500 sites worldwide. The model is to drive a specific number of users to commit to purchasing an online discount coupon. Once the predetermined number is achieved, the credit cards for each of those users are charged and the transaction completed. As this billion-dollar industry continues to grow, security is first and foremost on the minds of potential customers. Consumers are concerned about the safety of their personal and financial information when shopping online. ... View more
  • 17/11/2010 Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor offers WOT as Protection Against Dubious Sites
    More than 10,000 consumer complaints concerning Internet cost traps were received at the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor this year. Alleged free offers turn out to be subscriptions with huge costs. If consumers don’t pay they are threatened with a collection agency or a lawyer. Some consumers receive invoices even without using any web services. Now you can protect yourself. ... View more